Hertford Town vs Eynesbury Rovers

Score: 4 - 3

Match Report

The match in tweets:

Kick off 3.03

Goal. Hertford 0 Eynesbury 1. 14 mins. First chance. Goal.

19. Penalty to Hertford.

GOAL. 19 mins. Hatherly brought down, Louis Rose converts.

Hertford 1 Eynesbury 1.

30. Eynesbury defender puts ball out for corner with his hand. How was that not a penalty??

31. Sam Ruff shoots from 25 yards, inches wide.

34. Sam Ruff neat through ball, Leigh Rose shot well saved.

GOAL! 37 mins. Hertford 2 Eynesbury 1. Ruff free kick badly dealt with, Jordon Watson pounces and buries it in the corner.

44. Flick on by Leigh Rose, Lewis Donovan shoots into the side netting.

Half time. Hertford 2 Eynesbury Rovers 1.

46. Great Hatherly cross, Donovan heads wide.

49. More good work by Hatherly, crosses into Louis Rose, lays it back, Ruff into the side netting.

GOAL. 54 mins. Hertford 3 Eynesbury 1. Louis Rose cross, Watson fires home. Clemo with a great cross field pass and Hatherly also involved

58. Jordon Watson through, rounds the keeper but goes wide, shot goes across goal but wide.

Goal. 61 mins. Hertford 3 Eynesbury 2.

Goal. 67 mins. Hertford 3 Eynesbury 3. Great finish.

68. Harry with a fantastic save keeps things level.

74. Hatherly corner met by Williams, point blank save by Eynesbury keeper, another corner.

79. Louis Rose shot from edge of box turned round post for corner.

Missed a sub at some point. Lawton came on for Donovan.

83. Hatherly cross met by Watson at far post, header tipped onto the bar by keeper.

GOAL. 86 mins. Hertford 4 Eynesbury 3. Ruff free kick, headed across goal by Louis Rose, Leigh Rose one touch, GOAL!!!

89. Eynesbury player down, stretcher on. Going to be a bit of added time.

93. Blues sub. Anstead on for goal hero Jordon Watson.

95. Eynesbury header narrowly wide. How long ref?

Full Time. Hertford 4 Eynesbury 3. Come on the Blues.

Editor: Please note that the second assist was actually by Tyler Hatherly

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Harry Ricketts
Lewis Donovan
Bradley Fraser
Jason Brown
Sam Ruff
Louis RoseGoalAssistAssist
Leigh RoseGoal
Jordon WatsonGoalGoal
Ross Clemo
Darren Williams
Tyler HatherlyAssistAssistYellow Card


Anthony Anstead
Tegana James (TJ)
Adam LawtonSub
Antonio Fusco
Joe PearceSub