Hertford Town vs Sun Sports

Score: 2 - 1

Match Report

The match in tweets (unless specified these are from the Hertford account):

@BengeoTigersOff: Teams on way out. @hertfordtownfc


Kick off 2.59.

4. Sun Sports shot heading for bottom corner, harry with finger tip save onto the post.

7. Good link up play between the Roses, through ball to King, shot saved by keepers legs.

19. King through on goal again, thwarted by keepers legs again.

GOAL. 27 mins. Hertford 1 Sun Sports 0. Brown shot blocked, Kardan Campbell rifles home from 20 yards into far top corner. Quality.

Half time. Hertford 1 Sun Sports 0.

51. Long Pearce throw causes problems, flicked on by Louis Rose, King shot saved by keepers legs. Again.

Goal. 60 mins. Hertford 1 Sun Sports 1. A scrappy goal to concede.

GOAL. 61 mins. Hertford 2 Sun Sports 1. Kardan with the assist, Leigh Rose turns home.

Sub on 65 mins. Jordon Watson on for Fusco.

67. Jordon Watson with a great run through midfield, tees up Leigh Rose, flicks it up, shoots, keeper desperate save.

Second sub on 74 mins. Lawton on for the impressive King.

Congratulations to Adam Lawton whose appearance today is his 50th for the club.

83. Harry with a couple of tidy saves in the last 5 minutes and now a rushed clearance. Hang in there Blues.

Into injury time. How long ref?

91. Louis Rose tees up Adam Lawton, goal bound shot blocked.

Full Time. Hertford 2 Sun Sports 1. Come on the Blues.

The post match analysis. @BengeoTigersOff players listening intently.


Post match entertainment from the Bad Men.


@BengeoTigersOff: The bad men in full swing. Carnival atmosphere @hertfordtownfc

@BengeoTigersOff: Still rocking @hertfordtownfc


@BengeoTigersOff: Thank you to @lindaradford2 for supporting us today. Good luck with the 10k walk tonight. @hertfordtownfc

@BengeoTigersOff: Hope we’re not out staying our welcome. Bands still going strong. Fab day, thank you @hertfordtownfc


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Photos © 2015 Dan Sinclair


Harry Ricketts
Kardan CampbellGoalAssist
Bradley Fraser
Jason BrownAssist
Sam Ruff
Louis RoseYellow Card
Leigh RoseGoalYellow Card
Elliott King
Darren Williams
Antonio Fusco
Joe Pearce


Tegana James (TJ)
Adam LawtonSub
Jordon WatsonYellow CardSub
Jake Casey