Sun Sports vs Hertford Town

Score: 0 - 3

Match Report

The match in tweets:

3 mins shot from Ruff rattles the crossbar

11 mins Ruff shoots from the 1/2 way line while the keeper goes walkabout but bounces and just goes over the bar

33 mins GOAL @LeighRose scores Sun Sports 0-1 Hertford Town

37 mins great play between Leigh Rose and Hatherly shot goes over

42 mins 2 footed tackle on Louis Rose sees Sun Sports no 9 sent off

HT Sun Sports 0-1 Hertford Town

59 mins while waiting to take a free kick another Sun Sports player sent off

72 mins Watson replaces Njoya

82 mins penalty to Hertford Town

@TylerJuddHath steps up to take it……

GOAL!!! Sun Sports 0-2 Hertford Town

87 mins Thomas replaces Louis Rose

92 mins GOAL!!! @J_Arm5trong scores Sun Sports 0-3 Hertford Town

Captain Sam Ruff replaced by brother Charlie

FT Sun Sports 0-3 Hertford Town


Harry Ricketts
Kardan Campbell
Bradley Fraser
Sam Ruff
Louis Rose
Leigh RoseGoal
Ross Clemo
Joe Pearce
Tyler HatherlyGoal
James Ewington
Dominique Njoya


Jordon WatsonGoalSub
Mattie Crook
Antonio Fusco
Oni ThomasSub
Charlie RuffSub