Hertford Town vs London Tigers

Score: 3 - 2

Match Report

The match in tweets:

Kick off 3.01.

Goal. 15 mins. Hertford 0 Tigers 1. Player waltzes through Blues defence, rounds Harry, rolls it in.

GOAL. 27 mins. Hertford 1 Tigers 1. Sam Ruff free kick from where he scored last week, this week Louis Rose connects, heads home.

GOAL. 29 mins. Hertford 2 Tigers 1. Keeper flaps at a cross, Sam Ruff volleys, Louis Rose flicks home.

Goal. 35 mins. Hertford 2 Tigers 2. Chance to clear, we don’t, goal.

Half time. Hertford 2 Tigers 1.

Sorry got that wrong, can’t even blame cold hands. Half time. Hertford 2 Tigers 2.

Second half kicks off 4.03.

GOAL. 52 mins. Hertford 3 Tigers 2. Sam Ruff with a glorious ball releasing Leigh Rose out right, crosses into the path of Louis, hat trick

75 mins. Another Hatherly free kick causes problems, Joe Pearce header goes inches over.

Sub on 86 mins. Thomas replaced by Charlie Ruff.

Into injury time. Still 3-2.

94 mins. Tigers down to 10 men.

Full Time. Hertford 3 London Tigers 2. Come on the Blues.

Our first goal today was the 100th in the league the season.

The hat trick today was our 6th this season & the 4th for Louis Rose. Still time to beat the 8 in 0708, Kev Cooper got 5 of those.

Our best hat trick haul in recent years was in 0607 when 13 were recorded, 8 in the Spartan League and 5 in cups.

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LdnT_020416_019 LdnT_020416_020 LdnT_020416_021
LdnT_020416_022 LdnT_020416_023 LdnT_020416_024
LdnT_020416_025 LdnT_020416_026 LdnT_020416_027
LdnT_020416_028 LdnT_020416_029 LdnT_020416_030
LdnT_020416_031 LdnT_020416_032 LdnT_020416_033
LdnT_020416_034 LdnT_020416_035 LdnT_020416_036
LdnT_020416_037 LdnT_020416_038 LdnT_020416_039
LdnT_020416_040 LdnT_020416_041 LdnT_020416_042
LdnT_020416_043 LdnT_020416_044

Photos © 2016 Dan Sinclair


Harry Ricketts
Bradley Fraser
Sam RuffAssistAssistAssist
Louis RoseGoalGoalGoal
Leigh Rose
Ross ClemoYellow Card
Joe Pearce
Tyler Hatherly
James Ewington
Oni Thomas
Dominique Njoya


Kardan Campbell
Mattie Crook
Charlie RuffYellow CardSub
Michael Bardle
Tom O’Neill