Hertford Town vs Holmer Green

Score: 7 - 2

Match Report

The match in tweets:

Kick off 3.00. Five minutes ago it was pouring with rain. Now the sun has come out.

5. Ruff ball from midfield, Hatherly jinks past defender, shot blocked, Holmer defender stays down.

GOAL. 10 mins. Hertford 1 Holmer Green 0. Hatherly corner headed home by Leigh Rose.

15. Penalty to the Blues. Watson brought down, Holmer Green keeper sent off.

Ref had no option but to give red, Watson would have scored for sure, no cover on line.

GOAL. 19 mins. Hertford 2 Holmer 0. Louis Rose sends the replacement keeper the wrong way.

GOAL. 26 mins. Hertford 3 Holmer 0. Watson pressure forces poor kick by keeper, Leigh Rose pounces, scores from edge of box.

GOAL. 29 mins. Hertford 4 Holmer 0. Louis Rose through ball, Leigh Rose cross, expertly swept home by captain Sam Ruff.

GOAL. 37 mins. Hertford 5 Holmer 0. Donovan cross spilled by keeper, Louis Rose hooks it home.

Goal. 46 mins. Hertford 5 Holmer 1. Ball given away, punished.

Half time. Hertford Town 5 Holmer Green 1.

Second half kicks off 4.05. It would appear that Holmer Green have swapped keepers.

Goal. 54 mins. Hertford 5 Holmer 2.

GOAL. 62 mins. Hertford 6 Holmer 2. Louis Rose beats keeper to loose ball, crosses to far post, Jordon Watson heads home.

64 penalty to the Blues for handball. Only a yellow for Holmer 5. That was going in.

65. Penalty missed. Louis Rose hits it over.

Two subs on 66 mins. Ruff and Louis Rose replaced by King and Campbell.

GOAL. 74 mins. Hertford 7 Holmer 2. Keeper can’t hold looping ball under his cross bar, Darren Williams bundles home.

Final sub on 77 mins. Adam Lawton replaces Leigh Rose.

88. Elliott King with a fantastic run from midfield, cuts inside, curling shot, keeper with finger tip save for corner.

Attendance today is 170. Fantastic turn out given the weather earlier.

Full time. Hertford 7 Holmer Green 2. Come on the Blues. That’s three seasons running we have beaten Holmer at home.

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Harry Ricketts
Lewis DonovanAssist
Bradley Fraser
Jason Brown
Sam RuffGoal
Louis RoseGoalGoalAssist
Leigh RoseGoalGoalAssist
Jordon WatsonGoalAssistAssist
Ross Clemo
Darren WilliamsGoal
Tyler HatherlyAssist


Kardan CampbellAssistSub
Tegana James (TJ)
Adam LawtonSub
Elliott KingSub
Jack Friend