Holmer Green vs Hertford Town

Score: 3 - 1

Match Report

The match in tweets:

7 mins good chance for James Ewington headed off the line

@WareFCAcademy: Good luck to @charlieruff04 on his starting debut for @HertfordTownFC today.

35 mins a chance for Holmer Green saved on the line by Joe Pearce

38 mins Holmer Green 1-0 Hertford Town

44 mins Holmer Green 2-0 Hertford Town

HT from a now not so sunny Watchet Lane Holmer Green 2-0 Hertford Town

52 mins header from Lou Rose off the crossbar

56 mins Holmer Green 3-0 Hertford Town

59 mins header from Charlie Ruff just over the bar

67 mins GOAL @charlieruff04 sets up Tom O’Neill Holmer Green 3-1 Hertford Town

The sun’s back out at Holmer Green warming up the supporters

Holmer Away Fans

FT Holmer Green 3-1 Hertford Town

Well done to all the Hertford boys today particularly @louisrose8 & @SamRuff04 for organising the team

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Holm300416_019 Holm300416_020 Holm300416_021
Holm300416_022 Holm300416_023 Holm300416_024
Holm300416_025 Holm300416_026 Holm300416_027
Holm300416_028 Holm300416_029 Holm300416_030
Holm300416_031 Holm300416_032 Holm300416_033
Holm300416_034 Holm300416_035 Holm300416_036
Holm300416_037 Holm300416_038 Holm300416_039

Photos © 2016 Dan Sinclair


Harry Ricketts
Bradley Fraser
Louis RoseYellow Card
Leigh Rose
Jack Friend
Joe Pearce
James EwingtonYellow Card
Oni Thomas
Dominique Njoya
Charlie RuffAssist
Tom O’NeillGoal