Cockfosters vs Hertford Town

Score: 3 - 3

Match Report

The match in tweets:

13. Penalty to Cockfosters.

14. Goal. Cockfosters 1 Hertford 0. Keeper goes the wrong way.

GOAL. 19 mins. Cockfosters 1 Hertford 1. Defence can’t cope with Chafer free kick from Hertford box, Leigh Rose takes advantage, pokes home

37 mins. Still 1-1. A bobbly pitch and an incessant whistle not conducive to good football.

39. Goal. Cockfosters 2 Hertford 1.

GOAL. Cockfosters 2 Hertford 2. 44 mins. King corner headed home from a very narrow angle at the far post by Anstead.

Half time. Cockfosters 2 Hertford 2.

60 mins. Still 2-2. More bobbles!

Goal. 71 mins. Cockfosters 3 Hertford 2. More defensive woe!

Sub on 74 mins. Hardy replaced by Adam Lawton.

78. Red card for Dajour. Everyone is bemused.

90. Another King corner, headed inches over by Anstead. So close.

91. Blues sub. TJ on for Leigh Rose

92. Good work by Anstead, ball falls to TJ on edge of the box, well timed shot, wide.

GOAL. Cockfosters 3 Hertford 3. 93 mins. Long free kick by Chafer, keeper can’t hold under pressure, Anstead buries it.

Full Time. Cockfosters 3 Hertford 3. Come on the Blues.

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Cock_1015_37 Cock_1015_38 Cock_1015_39
Cock_1015_40 Cock_1015_41 Cock_1015_42
Cock_1015_43 Cock_1015_44 Cock_1015_45
Cock_1015_46 Cock_1015_47 Cock_1015_48
Cock_1015_49 Cock_1015_50

Photos © 2015 Wendy Mason


Anthony AnsteadGoalGoal
Kardan Campbell
Dajour BuffongeRed Card
Bradley Fraser
Jason BrownYellow Card
Louis Rose
Leigh RoseGoal
Elliott King
Charlie K Smith
Sion Hardy
Callum ChaferYellow Card


Tegana James (TJ)Sub
Adam LawtonSub
Ross Clemo
Jake Casey
Joe Pearce