Biggleswade United vs Hertford Town

Score: 0 - 2

Match Report

The match in tweets:

Sorry for the lack of 1st half tweets phone died but working again now!

HT Biggleswade 0-0 Hertford Town. Red card for Leigh Rose

1/2 time sub Hatherly on for Fusco

52 mins GOAL! Biggleswade 0-1 Hertford Town @louisrose8 scores

60 mins sub Watson on for King

60 mins GOAL!! Biggleswade 0-2 Hertford Town @J_Arm5trong scores within seconds of coming on

87 mins Smith on for captain Ruff

Into stoppage time 10 man Hertford still 2-0 up

FT Biggleswade 0-2 Hertford Town. 10 man Hertford win again! #COYB

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Biggleswade_2015_10 Biggleswade_2015_11 Biggleswade_2015_12
Biggleswade_2015_13 Biggleswade_2015_14 Biggleswade_2015_15
Biggleswade_2015_16 Biggleswade_2015_17 Biggleswade_2015_18
Biggleswade_2015_19 Biggleswade_2015_20 Biggleswade_2015_21
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Biggleswade_2015_28 Biggleswade_2015_29 Biggleswade_2015_30
Biggleswade_2015_31 Biggleswade_2015_32 Biggleswade_2015_33
Biggleswade_2015_34 Biggleswade_2015_35 Biggleswade_2015_36
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Biggleswade_2015_55 Biggleswade_2015_56 Biggleswade_2015_57
Biggleswade_2015_58 Biggleswade_2015_59 Biggleswade_2015_60
Biggleswade_2015_61 Biggleswade_2015_62 Biggleswade_2015_63
Biggleswade_2015_64 Biggleswade_2015_65 Biggleswade_2015_66
Biggleswade_2015_67 Biggleswade_2015_68 Biggleswade_2015_69
Biggleswade_2015_70 Biggleswade_2015_71

Photos © 2015 Wendy Mason


Harry Ricketts
Kardan Campbell
Bradley Fraser
Jason BrownYellow Card
Sam RuffYellow Card
Louis RoseGoalAssist
Leigh RoseYellow CardYellow CardRed Card
Elliott King
Darren Williams
Antonio FuscoYellow Card
Joe Pearce


Anthony Anstead
Jordon WatsonGoalYellow CardSub
Charlie K SmithSub
Ross Clemo
Tyler HatherlyAssistSub