Hertford Town vs Stotfold

Score: 1 - 3

Match Report

We love Fans’ Day: thanks for coming.

Football is about inches and fine margins. It’s about decision-making. Football is not life and death, it’s much more important than that. Football is all about a winning mentality. Football is about teamwork. It’s about playing clever. It’s about winning.

Everybody has an opinion about football and that’s what makes it so interesting. But they’re all wrong. It’s about the people. Football is about the fans. And it’s about Saturdays like Fans’ Day.

It’s about the hundreds of kids who got to play on the first team pitch and all the parents and family who came to watch. It’s about Charlie selling 100 programmes to help his football club. About the hungover fans who got up early to blow up balloons. It’s about John, Ron and Tony. It’s about the manager who made sure the players knew how important the day was. And about the players who didn’t need to be told. It’s the chairman spending half time restocking the beer fridges.

Football is about people giving up their Saturday to serve burgers, hotdogs, coffees and beers. It’s about officials (they’re people too) and it’s about selling raffle tickets at half time.

It’s about mascots from the local paper organising a penalty shootout. And it’s about not having another Saturday spent with Jeff Stelling or wandering around B&Q.

Football and Fans’ Day is about everything we love: sport, family, community, good ale, great food and Mr Whippys .

It’s about days like today. Thanks for coming. Shame about the result!

Report by Ken Williams

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Photos © 2015 Dan Sinclair and Natalina Verta


Harry Ricketts
Kardan Campbell
Dajour Buffonge
Tegana James (TJ)
Bradley Fraser
Leigh RoseGoal
Jordon Watson
Ross Clemo
Sion Hardy
Jason BeckYellow Card
Jack Friend


Tommy WadeSub
Mattie Crook
Michael DeaneSub
Charlie EvansSub
Pianny Nzamale