Hertford Town vs London Tigers

Score: 1 - 0

Match Report

Attendance: 404

A day for all of Hertford to enjoy

It was Fans’ Day at Hertingfordbury Park, a chance for the club to thank all of our fans for their support throughout a difficult season with free entry and BBQ on a beautiful sunny day. It was also a chance to welcome new fans to the club and give all the Hertford Town Youth players a chance to play at The Park in front of a big crowd. Although the day was announced over a month ago there was a lot of hard work behind the scenes from the committee to make the day a success and we would like to thank everyone that helped, even in the small things like putting posters up around the town. By the time the day the games kicked off The Park looked resplendent, decorated throughout with balloons, bunting and banners – see all the pics below. Finally a big thank you to everyone that came to watch, you helped to create a special atmosphere, we hope you enjoyed the day and look forward to welcoming you back soon.

Match Report by Ken Williams

Fan: (def) A person who has a strong interest in or admiration for a particular sport

Fan Day: (def) An end of season celebration and thank you.

Hertford Town Fans: (def) Best fans in the league.

The great escape pulled off, a Herts Charity Shield Final to look forward to and a beautifully sunny Saturday afternoon; there was a lot for Marvin Samuel and his players, and Peter Sinclair and his committee, to be happy about on Fans’ Day 2013.

As the first guests began to arrive, and the players milled around, warming up to a running commentary from Andy Pearce, Hertingfordbury Park looked fantastic. Blue and white balloons adorned everything to which string could be tied; the new banners were in place and the smell of “Uncle Ray’s” barbecue wafted up West Street.

By the time Marvin Samuel had picked his team and they had been led out with Hertford Town juniors as mascots, the ground was packed. Full of families (including the baby Wade – very cute), young couples and groups of friends, all enjoying the food, the bar and the weather, and ready to cheer on their team.

Hertford went into the game full of confidence and sitting in the top three of the form table. Lewis Kidd, who has made such a difference during his time at the club, continued in goal with the back four of Mehmet, Elliot, Cutler and Atta in front of him. In midfield, the successful threesome of Kardan Campbell, Danny Charles and Lewis Donovan all started and Sean Stock, Mark Summers and Albert Adu formed the attack.

The weather was better for the spectators than it was for the players and the opening stages were a little lethargic with both sets of players finding it hard to adapt to playing in non-Artic/Scotland-like conditions.

The pace did pick up though and both sides looked threatening at times. Tigers’ big number 9 was always a target and Summers, Stock and Adu were linking up well for the Blues. That particular combination only lasted until the half hour mark though when Sean unfortunately picked up a painful injury in an awkward challenge. He was replaced by Larry Asare-Bediako.

The first half ended scoreless though and everyone went back to talking about the glorious weather and how good the burgers were.

Half Time: Hertford Town 0 – 0 London Tigers

The second half was more of the same but Marvin had obviously had some words with his players, as intensity levels definitely increased.
The manager rejigged the defence in the early stages of the second half with Dajour Buffonge replacing Ibrahim Mehmet.

Just after the hour mark the bumper crowd were treated to a moment that would have been worth any entrance fee on its own. A long throw was flicked on by Kardan Campbell and hung in the air in the crowded penalty box. Then things went all Matrix. Suddenly. Things. Were. All. Slow. Motion.

Albert Adu found the space and athleticism to shift his body and connect with an overhead kick that flew into the top corner. A truly fantastic finish.

It was a goal good enough to win any game, and it did. A half an hour later, after some attractive football and half chances for both sides, the ref blew his final whistle. The kids got their programmes signed, the players celebrated with the fans and the fans sat in the sun and talked about ‘that’ goal.

The planning for Fan Day 2014 starts now.

Full Time: Hertford Town 1 – 0 London Tigers


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Photos © 2013 Mattie Crook & Dan Sinclair


Lewis Kidd
Ibrahim Mehmet
Yemi Atta
Michael Elliott
Kardan Campbell
Lewis Donovan
Albert AduGoal
Mark Summers
Sean Stock
James Cutler


Larry Asare-BediakoSub
Dajour BuffongeSub
Ennes AzemiSub