Sawbridgeworth Town vs Hertford Town

Score: 3 - 3

Match Report

The full time score was 2-2 which led to 30 minutes of extra time. Both sides managed to score leaving the final tally at 3-3. This led to an exciting penalty shoot out which The Blues won 3-2. Penalty scorers for The Blues were: Tegana James (TJ), Kardan Campbell and Jahbez Essoo-Snowdon.

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Photos © 2013 Matt Crook


Harry Ricketts
Kardan Campbell
Tegana James (TJ)
Tommy Wade
Charlie SmithGoalAssist
Bradley FraserGoal
Brandon White
Adam LawtonGoal
Mitchell Palmer
Connor Lancaster
Connor Mitchell


Chris Hall-RamseyAssistSub
Jahbez Essoo-SnowdonSub
Connor Casey
Ash ThompsonSub