Stotfold vs Hertford Town

Score: 0 - 4

Match Report

A return to form for both Sean Stock and Mark Summers saw The Blues rout Stotfold 4-0 on Tuesday night. 3 assists for Stock and a hat-trick for Summers earned three valuable points on the road despite injuries (Anstead, Buffonge, Hall-Ramsey) and suspensions (Elliott). Hertford’s 4th came courtesy of yet another Stotfold own-goal.

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Photos © 2013 Matt Crook


Kardan Campbell
Mark SummersGoalGoalGoal
Sean StockAssistAssistAssist
Harry Ricketts
Bradley Fraser
Jahbez Essoo-SnowdonAssist
Sam RuffYellow Card
Harry Sedgley
Adam Lawton
Faisal Hemati
Fabio Bufano


Danny CharlesSub
Tegana James (TJ)Sub
Charlie SmithSub
Mustafa Mirzai
Selcuk Ulug