Hatfield Town vs Hertford Town

Score: 0 - 2

Match Report

Today’s match report comprises the tweets that were sent from the Hertford Town FC Twitter account during the match.

New faces in Danny Green, Chris Watters and Dan Ferrigno. A warm welcome to the club, make us proud boys! #COYB

Also a warm welcome for our lovely new physio Nicola Gibson from @SquareOneInjury

Within 15 seconds Hertford have a corner.

Nothing much happened from the corner, taken short, eventually crossed in and slid out by Hatfield.

Game of foul throw(n)s so far for both teams. Fairly even so far. Lots of Hertford fans on the balcony.

Hatfield with the first chance, ball over the top from the keeper, cut back by the winger, striker puts it high n wide.

15mins Leigh Rose set free on the left, he cuts into the box and wins a corner…nothing much happens from that BUT….

Charlie Smith just had a cross-cum-shot saved by the Hatfield keeper who tipped over the bar.

21mins cross comes into box, Danny Green is scythed down. PENALTY!

Penalty taken by Watters… he hits the post!!! It bounces back Leigh Rose hits it goalwards…

…somehow the keeper pulls off an amazing save! It was almost like he did the worm along the goal line! Still 0-0 here.

27mins a lovely worked freekick nearly see Hertford score, Hatfield counter, cross and half volley wide. A cracking match so far.

Banter on the balcony between the Hertford fans and Hatfield’s Ted Collie. All light hearted of course.

41mins Smith has two opportunities to score but puts both wide. Our fans have started singing 🙂

Half time here Hatfield 0-0 Hertford. A fair match, but we must be kicking ourselves for the penalty miss.

GOOOOAAALLLLL! 47mins Leigh Rose set through on goal, ball bounces a couple of times and he dinks it over the keeper into the goal.

What what what?! Smith has his shirt pulled in the box, lino signals for a foul, ref gives freekick outside box!

55mins Danny “Professor” Green has a shot outside the area but it sails over.

Sustained pressure from Hatfield results in a corner but its hooked away by the Blues (reds).

Hatfield fuggle through the defence and manage a shot, Ricketts rooted, watches it go wide.

63mins Watters with a low cross from the left sees Rose with a cheeky shot at the keepers near post go just wide.

67mins Watters tries a speculative shot from outside the box but it sails over.

70mins GOOOOAALLL!!! Leigh Rose is put through again and nutmegs the keeper for his second!

“Pro” Green puts Lawton through, he takes a touch, shoots and it flies past the post. DOH!

Hertford sub Ferringo comes on for Kieron Smith, lets see what this young lad’s got in his locker! #COYB

75mins Rose set through again but ball runs through to keeper. Hatfield are pushing but leaving themselves open to counter.

Arghh!! Rose could’ve had his hat-trick but shoots at the keeper, he had time to nip round him and moonwalk into the net.

Ooo TJ came on as a sub a couple of mins ago for Watters.

84mins here, chilly on the balcony. “Hatfiieeeellldd” chant is being drowned out by “Hertfooooorrrdd”.

Ferringo just had a shot, it beat the keeper but went it wide… so John Staines said.

We must be near the end now! Ref doesn’t look like he’s finished.

Full time! Hatfield 0-2 Hertford. A good performance all round, sturdy defence and all in good spirits for a derby.

A big thank you to @HatfieldTownFC for their donation of half the gate from todays match for our Hertflood Town fund. #legends @SpartanSMFL

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Photos © 2014 Matt Crook


Kardan Campbell
Harry Ricketts
Charlie Smith
Bradley Fraser
Harry Sedgley
Adam Lawton
George Laffar
Kieren Smith
Leigh RoseGoalGoal
Daniel Green
Christopher Watters


Tegana James (TJ)Sub
Mitchell Palmer
Connor MitchellSub
Daniel FerrignoSub