Hertford Town vs Oxhey Jets

Score: 0 - 3

Match Report

Hertford Town suffered a home defeat on Saturday at the hands of Oxhey Jets although the scoreline was no reflection on the game itself. The Blues dominated this game from start to finish but failed to take their chances whilst the visitors took all three of theirs to claim the points.


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Photos © 2013 Matt Crook


Kardan Campbell
Mark Summers
Sean Stock
Anthony Anstead
Harry Ricketts
Bradley Fraser
Jahbez Essoo-Snowdon
Sam Ruff
Harry Sedgley
Faisal Hemati
Fabio Bufano


Tegana James (TJ)Sub
Charlie SmithSub
Mustafa Mirzai
Massih MirzaiSub
Selcuk Ulug