It is with regret, we have today learned that Audrey Cobb one of our Honorary Members passed away on Thursday 11th May. We would like to pass on our sincere condolences to Audrey’s husband Allen and to her family.

Below are some words of long time Hertford fan and friend of Audrey’s, Brian Jennings.

So sorry to hear today, of the passing of Audrey Cobb, a wonderful lady who had a long and distinctive association with Hertford Town Football Club.

I first met Audrey in the mid-sixties, when she would often stand beside the turnstiles inside the Ground, waiting to accost young lads before kick-off willing to act as ball-boys during the match. With Saturday attendances often just below 3,000 you often had to wait your turn to be one of the four needed boys, but the dutiful Audrey, would always make sure the turns were shared out fairly. She would then scurry off to sell hundreds of raffle tickets before half-time and then join the tea ladies to serve hundreds of teas, coffee etc.. to the waiting army of fans, making sure it was only the four ball-boys who would receive a free drink and packet of crisps. During the second half Audrey, along with other ladies, would be seen with a tray collecting up all the used china tea/coffee cups, ready to be washed in the kitchen inside the Clubhouse. No throw away cups or dish washers those days.

As happens today with volunteers, Audrey could only catch glimpses of the days game and she would often ask us young lads who was winning, who scored, who’s misbehaving etc.. She did, however, always find time to tell us, when as young lads, we were pushing the boundries too far. It would often start with a “Now come on you boys, I’m sure you do not want me to tell your fathers about this, do you?” Then in later years, Audrey would often bring her daughter, Trudy to the games and they would often stand at one end of the Stable End to enjoy the game together.

Hard working, always polite, always caring, a great communicator with young and old, but above all a great friend to all she met.

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