There is a planning application being progressed to build retirement homes on the old Brickfields site near the football club.

We as a club are supporting the development because it should result in a new club house for the football club, a new road from the football club to the A414 via a new bridge over the river to Mimram Road (which removes the bottleneck on West Street), more parking spaces & additional football pitches. The club has grown attendances for 7 years running and this development will enable further progression.

There are objections to the development based on it being green belt land but the developer argues the actual site is brownfield because it still has buildings from the old brickworks and is contaminated due to being used as landfill and being dangerous due to being left without remediation after it was used for clay extraction.

A thriving football club is beneficial for the town. We have had a men’s team and a ladies team playing at the club for many years but in the last 2 years we have introduced a disability team, U13s, U14s, a development team for U25s and walking football for over 50s/overweight. We have also established a partnership with Stevenage Ladies FC for growing girls football in town. Here is one of the objectives from our constitution which demonstrates how we have grown the club (and how we will keep growing) and why we are good for the town:

“To use the power of football to inspire people to get involved on and off the field and to get connected to their community. To use the football stadium as a hub for social and community activity as well as volunteering opportunities and generally to encourage and facilitate the playing of football and other social, sports, leisure and community activities for adults and children, male and female of all abilities”

Very Important: If you want to support then please ask every member of your household over 18 years to click on the link (below) and support the development. You don’t have to write a comment as this is optional…….but you must click the “Support” option. Please also pass on to any friends and family who you think may want to support.

Thanks in advance…

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