This Saturday sees the launch of a brand new lotto providing the fans with a chance of winning big cash prizes and an opportunity to help to support your local club.

The new B’Lotto will run on a monthly basis throughout the year via a standing order of just a fiver a month.

You don’t have to have just one set of numbers, you can have as many as you want!
The more you purchase, the better your chances of winning!

How it works:

You select two numbers from each set. The first set of numbers drawn will be from 1-12. The second set of balls are from 1-31. Each month a draw will take place where one ball will be randomly drawn from each set and if both numbers match your selected numbers, you win the lot!
The numbers can be your birthday but you need to match both sets, in the correct order, to win.

If no matched numbers are drawn the pot will rollover to the next draw.

There is a guaranteed £100 pot for the first draw on Saturday, 31st January.

If there is no winner the prize money will rollover until it is won!

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