Stay Active And Get Fit With Hertford Town FC

The club is pleased to announce a new partnership between us and a very relevant local business, Hartham Leisure Centre (behind Sainsbury’s). We’ve negotiated discounted gym membership for players, committee members, coaching staff and their parents/immediate family (across all teams).

We think this is a great partnership as not only will we all be able to take advantage of a rate that not even some of their corporate partners receive, but as a club we are getting access to their customers too to promote what we’re doing. The idea is that this sharing of resources means more fans/community interest for us, more members for them, and if you’ve got a gym membership elsewhere, money saved for you.

What’s in it for us?

• They will contact their members about the club and upcoming games.

• We have the sole use of two large format posters at the gym to promote the club & games.

• Our teams can have use of their fitness studio to train indoors.

What’s in it for you (and your family)?

• A monthly membership of the leisure centre of £28 per month, instead of £43 pm.

• If you want to pay for a year up front it’s £280 for 13 months.

What’s in it for them?

• They get a pitchside banner.

• We’ll also be hosting leaflets for them as well as putting out a stand-alone poster on match days.

How to take advantage of the special offer…

As most people won’t want to join a gym without visiting, we have free guest passes available for people to go down and try the gym or swimming pool out. To get one of these free guest passes just email Mat Court on and he’ll sort you out.

We think this partnership is a good example of what we are trying to do as a club, namely to involve local businesses in creative ways; this is a great way of promoting both their business and our club to a relevant audience.

So if you’ve got a gym membership elsewhere, or want to join a gym and/or regularly use a swimming pool, this is a good option for you – we’re pretty sure you won’t be able to get a monthly gym membership for anything like these rates in Hertford…

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