“You won’t win anything with kids” someone who has just retired from Match of the Day once said. Well, we think you can. Or at least, you can get more children involved with the club.

We know it’s sometimes difficult to get down to the Park if you have a littl’un so we’re trying to do something about it, something we don’t think any football club has ever done before; we’re going to be constructing a toddlers play area so that parents can bring their nippers down and watch the game.

The idea is that we give parents of under 4’s a new option for a Saturday afternoon: come down and watch the game while the toddler plays with other toddlers in a parent-supervised specially built pitchside educational play area fully protected from flying balls.

But we need to know if this is something people want. We think it is otherwise we wouldn’t be looking at it, but in order to fund it
through grants and sponsorship we need to prove that it is what the fans and wider community want & need.

The area we are proposing to use is the far left hand corner as you look from the main stand which has already been cleared of overgrowth

under 4s

and the area won’t encroach on your access around the pitch. We’ll also be installing outdoor furniture to create a family-friendly environment in that corner and to make it as easy as possible for parents to keep an eye on the children, while still enjoying the game.

The theory is that we get more people from around the area coming down to watch games, and there’s also the possibility of us attracting some future first team players for the future, ok so that might take a few years as it’s only for under 4’s!

Part of the plan is to use the grant we’re applying for to fund the purchase of a new pedestrian mower to look after the play area and surrounds, and to do a lot of the work on the pitch that we currently have to pay a lot for to contract in (spiking, draining, scarifying etc.). The two parts of this project really fit in with the club’s strategy of getting more people down to the Park, and to get more youth games, ladies games, in fact games of all sorts, played here.

What we need is for you to tell us if this is something you want or not so please take just a couple of minutes to complete this short questionnaire, the results of which will determine whether we go ahead or not. Here’s the link:


If you have any questions about the project please feel free to email the club via the Contact Us page.

4 responses to “Proposed Play Area”

  1. colin smith says:

    What a fantastic idea. All clubs could learn from this. Go for the funding, and hope you are successful

  2. Billy Windsock says:

    Until there is less foul language shouted around the pitches across the whole of football, I would never take a child to a game. Listening to TW at Sun Postal on Tuesday was unpleasant, but not at all unusual.

  3. JT Hartwig says:

    Great idea. This would make it definitely interesting for us as a family to see a match while the children have lots of fun and thereby get into football early as well. I am from Wolfsburg where you can also find an outdoor play area and also an indoor messy play when VfL have a match, this scheme is running very well.
    I would also love to see a football group set up at Hertford Town for my little ones (2 & 3 yr old), I tend to believe other parents from Hertford with kids in their age would buy into this idea as well.

  4. Tony riches says:

    Great idea!
    Hope more people agree and you give it a go . Anything that brings more people through the gate is worth trying !

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