Match report from our outgoing Hertford Mayor, Jane Sartin and keen supporter of The Blues . . .

Hertfordshire FA Charity Shield Final


The two teams line-up before the match begins.

The two teams line-up before the match begins.

Whilst it wasn’t an official Mayoral engagement, having attended a football match this evening to show support for our town’s club as Mayor I think it warrants a few lines on my blog.Along with the Leader of Hertford Town Council, Cllr Linda Radford, I went to Hemel Hempstead to see Hertford Town Football Club play Oxhey Jets Football Club in the final of the Hertfordshire FA Charity Shield Competition. Hertford had done really well to get to the final, and it was always going to be a difficult match against Oxhey Jets, who are at the other end of the league table from them, and had beaten Hertford 7-0 in December and 7-1 in January.

The first half of the match tonight ended 0-0, and Hertford had two extremely close misses at the goal. Unfortunately the second half wasn’t nearly so balanced, with Oxhey getting 4 goals, and the match ending 4-0.


'We've got more ghosts than you!'

‘We’ve got more ghosts than you!’

There was fantastic support from Hertford fans throughout, with many more supporters having made the journey to Hemel Hempstead than had done so for Oxhey. They were also very much noisier in their support, cheering on individual players and the team. At 2-0 down the Hertford ghosts appeared to have a go at spurring on the team – I understand this refers to Hertford having more ghosts than any of the towns the football team plays against, with the refrain “We’ve got more ghosts than you” being sung!

Hertford Town FC even took along their own film crew, in the form of Adam.

Hertford Town FC even took along their own film crew, in the form of Adam.

Having not had a great start to the 2012/13 season, Hertford Town FC have really picked up towards the end, and hopefully this bodes well for 2013/14. The fans are definitely behind them, and the Club’s Committee have some great plans for the future. A town’s football club should be a real part of the community, and its been good to see this increasing over the past year, and more people getting behind them in support. It may not have been a win tonight, but the next football season is looking promising!

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